A mobile lead targeting tool that delivers critical sales insights to the healthcare sales professional.


The First Smart Mobile Market Development Tool.

Here’s how the LinxTM Software System will benefit you, the medical device sales professional!

Find Physicians Quickly & Easily

How much time do your sales reps spend in the field hunting for the right physician or practice to best build their business? ProSight™ enables every person on your salesforce, from inexperienced to seasoned, to quickly and easily pinpoint the physicians in their area that are not only the most relevant to your sales reps’ customer but also the most valuable.

Visualize Your Networks

In today’s connected world, it is easy for our multitude of personal and professional networks to become overlapping or worse, confusing. ProConnect provides the solution which will empower your medical device sales force to control the information flow and build intelligence around their professional network. This will allow for a clear, more robust understanding around where the customers’ business comes from, and more importantly… Where it goes.

Detailed Physician Targeting Intelligence

Big Data… we have all heard about this phenomenon. There is a world of valuable business data being captured on a daily basis. But does it make sense? Can you do anything with it? This data could help your sales force make smarter decisions abut their business drivers – if only they could weed through it. ProIntel demystifies the vast, deep, dark vortex of healthcare data and turns it into actionable intelligence.

Get Detailed Analytics & Insights

It’s all about ROI. In order to make smarter business decisions, regular reporting on field activities are necessary. The Linx™ Software System is not only a tool which arms your salesforce with a unique weapon in the field, but allows for clear insight and reporting into what your salesforce is actually doing with it, as well as areas they should improve on.

Enterprise and Individual User Versions Available

Target the Right Physicians


Physician Map Tool

Physician Network Builder

In-Software Video Tutorials

Targeted Search Filters

Up to 5 Physician Specialties


Top Prescriptions Written for Each Specialty

Top Procedures for Each Specialty

Sunshine Act Data

Existing Physician Referral Relationships

Largest & Fastest Growing Practices - Coming Soon!

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One Tool, Three Incredible Features


ProSight™ is “the looking glass” that enables your sales force to see what others don’t. ProSightTM is a unique physician map tool which will enable your sales force to quickly pinpoint and prioritize physician targeting.
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Leverage and share team-wide best practices, gather real-time field intelligence and close the gap between successful regions and under-performing ones.
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ProConnectTM is the easiest, most advanced software tool used to develop, manage, execute and track market networks within a sales territory, a sales region or the entire medical device sales force. Evaluate performance across regions and increase traction within networks to dramatically accelerate time to revenue.
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