About ProSellus

At ProSellus, we are the pioneers of the next sales revolution. We envision a future where the power to control and affect corporate revenue is a science rather than a talent only a few possess. We are veteran sales leaders who have turned a proven market methodology into a dynamic sales tool which is unparalleled in the marketplace and will impact business like never before.

Why ProSellus? Because we’re the dreamers, we’re the challengers. We’ve always believed in the endless possibilities of the road less traveled. We’ve paved that road and are here to take you for a ride. Forget about everything you’ve been taught, read or believed about the sales process. We think immensely different here.

Welcome to ProSellus and welcome to the market revolution!


About The ProSellus LinxTM App:

The ProSellus Linx™ App is a targeted market development tool designed to empower healthcare sales companies to quickly and precisely locate, track and connect specific patient sources to their customer doctor or practice. The ProSellus Linx is the first and only “smart, mobile market development” solution built to analyze and interpret beneficial data to identify the most imperative market sources for a particular physician. By utilizing the ProSellus Linx, industry companies will not only differentiate themselves from the competition, but streamline its sales ops efficiency as well as increase their revenues and market share.



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