The Top 5 Tools for Medical Device Salespeople

No sales rep – medical device or otherwise – can live without their gadgets and tools. From your Android or Apple smartphone to the LinkedIn app, we all have things we use on a daily basis for our life and for work. Of course some of you may still be working using spreadsheets or worse: pen and paper. It’s time to step up your game with these top 5 tools for medical device sales reps.

1. Expense Tracking Tools

Tracking your expenses is a time honored sales rep tradition that, if you let it, can get out of hand very quickly. Instead of stockpiling receipts or tracking it all in your head, consider apps like Expensify.

These not only allow for digital receipt storage, they let you keep track of all of your business expenditures or otherwise. Expensify is free, but it’s pretty bare bones unless you splurge for the $5 or $9/month versions. Zoho Expense also offers a free option that supports multi-currency and features the added safety net of two-factor authentication.

For sales reps working for a small company or large corporation, you might consider Abacus or Freshbooks. But….that’ll cost you anywhere from $9 to $50/month per user for their host of features.



2. Voice Dictation Software

We’ve talked a great deal about the importance of maintaining and cultivating relationships with your clients. Communication is just as big a part of your job as knowing your product and selling techniques. That’s where voice dictation software comes in.

While you can use Apple, Windows, or Google dictation software, they can be limiting or frustrating in the long-term. For a simpler solution, consider Dragon Anywhere from Nuance. This isn’t your average dictation software and it can translate for as long as you can speak.

Not only will you be more hands-free, you will more accurately be able to communicate anywhere at any time.


3. Social Media – Of course!

It’s a fact that sales reps who use social media outperform those who don’t, so why wouldn’t you leverage these treasure troves of connections and information to gain momentum in your territory? LinkedIn is now the gold standard for connecting with prospects, peers and potential customers. Twitter is the way to put your company (or your brand’s)  voice out there quickly and seamlessly, with little effort – but you have to be proactive and consistent in order to benefit.  Get up to speed on these platforms and you’ll not only make your sales outreach more effective, you’ll be a champ in your organization.



4.Web Conferencing Tools

Giving presentations, product tours and tutorials remotely has gotten much easier over the years. GoToMeeting continues to rule here but upstarts like Join.Me have grabbed some attention.

Google Hangouts is sure to become a sales tool as it enables group video conferencing and robust online conversations that include photo and  document sharing.

Assemble a panel of thought leaders and stream the discussion for the world to see or conduct sales presentations one on one and share content right in the stream of the conversation.


5. The ONE tool EVERY Medical Device Sales Rep Needs is…..

The 5th and final tool that all medical device sales reps need is ProSellus. It’s not some dry, mechanical thing designed by people who have never lived the life of a sales rep before. It’s designed by people like me, Scott Walle, and others with more than 50 years of combined sales experience. You want this tool, I promise.

All of us wanted a way to better and more easily monitor and expand our territory, maintain and cultivate relationships, and use the latest sales techniques. Data management and manipulation, sales acceleration, and relationship management are integral parts of the sales process in the 21st century.

Are you getting left behind? Email me at and let’s catch you up.

8 steps

8 Tips to Market Your Sales Business Better

If you’re a medical device sales rep who’s been around the block a time or two, you are always looking for ways to better yourself and your business. Even sales reps who are part of a big company can find small ways to tweak performance for the better.

Start with the basics:

1. Identify, Clarify, & Segment

No one likes a muddled sales pitch. If you can’t communicate your product or services to others, there’s very little chance of you closing any deal. A quick and easy way to streamline your sales process is to cut the fat with three simple steps:

  • Identify your objective and overall message
  • Clarify your message and objective
  • Compartmentalize the message for easy digestion and understanding

These simple steps help to trim any excess fat (words) from your pitch to reduce time wasted. They also facilitate better and more comprehensive understanding on behalf of the client. Time is money, after all, isn’t it?


2. Sell the Benefit Instead of the Comparison

One of the biggest faux pas any sales rep can make is also one of the most common. Newbies to the game will often focus on comparing an old product or service to their new product or service. Now, this can be useful, but it’s an amateurish move.

Instead, focus on the benefits of the new product or service. Forget about the old one; the only one that matters is what you’re selling. Full stop.


3. Content is King

You’ve probably heard this phrase before and thought nothing of it. But if you’re an individual operating your own personal sales business, creating SEO blog content is a fantastic way to boost your ranking and increase visibility.

It doesn’t need to be super in-depth or crazy specific articles. It can be something as simple as explaining a case study or listing your personal tips for closing a deal. Research other thought leaders in your industry. Do what they do. It’s worked for ProSellus and it can work for you.


4. Sell to Customer Needs

This one seems like a no-brainer, but we all need to be reminded of it sometimes. Regardless of the product or service you’re representing, you have to keep client needs in mind.

You can’t sell a new heartbeat monitor to a Podiatrist. But take this one step further: anticipate the needs of your potential or current clients. How could this client best utilize a new product you’ve got? What could it do for their quality of life, their profits, their patients?

Addressing all of these questions will not only make you a better salesperson, but it will help immensely with number 8 on this list.


5. Fail Quickly, But Not Often

Failure is not the end of the world. It’s a necessary tool in order to grow and learn to do better. That said, you can also plan for failure in order to mitigate fallout and decrease recovery time needed.

In terms of marketing, this philosophy goes double. You can’t afford to waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on frivolous marketing ventures that produce zero results. Start with small tests, targeted ads, and specific PPC campaigns. Run them for 2 – 3 months, then measure the results. Do your own A/B split testing using your blog content (since it’s king and all).


Failure is a good thing in small doses. Remember that.


6. Share the Spotlight

Nobody likes a know-it-all, but everyone loves to network. In doing so, you can make connections with manufacturers or other sales reps with more presence than yours. Then, all you have to do is share the spotlight.

Go a guest blog post on their website or vice versa. Go in on a joint project together and collaborate. These connections should NOT go un-leveraged. You can benefit from each other’s audiences and grow together and respectively.



7. Have a Mobile Presence

Everyone practically eats and sleeps with their phones now. Admit it — you do, too. It’s important to maintain some non-digital marketing channels, but your biggest audiences are in the palm of your hand.

Leverage your LinkedIn contacts by posting regular articles or blogs and interacting with other people’s posts. Update your Facebook page. Learn to love and how to smartly use hashtags. Even text messages are a huge tool for marketing. Think about it: 95% of Americans have cell phones. And 98% of their text messages get opened.

That’s a pretty good ROI wouldn’t you say?


8. Build Relationships & Develop a Referral Network

Having a gregarious nature and making friends easily should come natural for all sales reps. You need to develop relationships in order to close deals. The trick to growth is maintaining and further cultivating those relationships. But again: this network should NOT go un-leveraged.

Ask for client referrals or recommendations. Build a network of potential clients based on your current list.

If any of this seems like a foreign concept to you, email me at and let’s enlighten each other. Share the spotlight, remember?


Dear Physicians, We Can Do Better

Are You Letting Down Your Clients or Costing Yourself Business?

As sales reps, we have to be 10,000% confident, but that can sometimes work against our favor. When we focus so much on being the top seller, we lose focus of our own clients — the people we are supposed to serve. In doing that, we might be eating away at our own customer relationships.

This means that we could cost ourselves business. Or maybe….we already are. But the best way to avoid this is to know what kind of sales rep NOT to be.

Don’t Be Just a Pretty Face

Sales reps often take pride in how we present ourselves: sharp clothes, a great smile — you know the life. While it’s great to stay in shape and take care of yourself, this isn’t enough for your clients.

Healthy teeth don’t explain what the benefits of this new device are to the small practice of a local physician. And designer clothes certainly can’t establish a value proposition for switching from one product to another. You have to know your products AND look the part. Sorry, not sorry; that’s the gig you signed up for when you became a sales rep.

Read the Room

Sometimes, a physician just isn’t interested in what you’re selling. It’s a sad truth (and one that shouldn’t occur often), but it happens, and it always happens more than any of us would like. Many of them will be nice and let you do your whole pitch, just to reject you at the end. That wastes your time AND theirs.

Save both of you the trouble and perform an expert cost/benefit analysis before you commit to pitching something to a new or current client.

Don’t Be a One-Trick Pony

Nobody likes a magician with only one trick. Similarly, while doctors and physicians might like a free lunch or dinner, they generally don’t have the time…oh and did I mention that they are getting entertainment offers from 15 other reps that week as well.  Think of it from their perspective: why are they taking time out of their day to listen to your talk if they are only going to walk away with a full belly? Don’t get me wrong, they take up those offers quite a bit – but is it establishing true connection and loyalty to your business? Did you really show them something over that dinner that changed the way they saw your company or product? In fact, what differentiated you from those other 15 reps?

Free food and drinks doesn’t establish value; it’s only a severely overused tactic to get a foot in the door with a potential client. Establishing true value for a new or potential client requires knowledge, meaningful connection (not just a meal convo), and actionable data. That’s where ProSellus comes in.

Ditch the “I Just Happened to Stop By” Bit

You want to establish a rapport with your clients because it increases the chance of closing a deal, right? Duh. But what you want to avoid is becoming too “buddy buddy”. You are there for business, after all. Trust me, the buddy thing will fizzle once that next rep comes in with that meaningful data and actually shares something that impacts the physician’s’ business.

Beyond that, you really need to avoid things like the “casual” visit. You know the sales rep I’m talking about. “I was just in the neighborhood and…” “I happened to find something just for you….” Any number of phrases to establish context for this random visit to a physician. It can come off as a selfish act that devalues the time of the physician.

Do NOT be that rep.

Got any other medical device sales rep types to avoid? Send them to me and we will expand our list just for you.



Indiana Jones Holy Grail

Is There a Sales Acceleration Formula?

Is There REALLY a Holy Grail for Sales Techniques?

As early as 2014, sales acceleration generated buzz in the sales world. Many people thought it was yet another scam and fly-by-night concept. But others saw the potential in the fledgling sales strategy.

We have discussed sales acceleration here at ProSellus a few times. It’s a must-have all-in-one technique for any and every sales rep. But it requires the right tools and attitude (doesn’t everything?). It could be your “Holy Grail”, but only if you know which cup to look for — just like Indiana Jones.

One Size Fits Most….Right?

Mark Roberge penned the book “The Sales Acceleration Formula”. Fun fact: he also got his very own Google Talk thanks to this little book.

Roberge details how to go from $0 dollars to $100-million USD by using sales acceleration, data interpretation, and technology leverage. The former Hubspot Chief Revenue Officer elaborated on a few key facets of sales acceleration including the following:

  • Value of role-playing
  • Buyer experience
  • Effectiveness of competitive contests
  • New-hire onboarding

Along with a few other concepts, these lessons from Roberge’s philosophy translated very well into corporate and large company settings. And, truly, the profits of sales acceleration technology and software are in the billions now.

But does Hubspot’s Holy Grail work for your individual or small medical device sales business? Would it work better if there was a holy grail built specifically for your industry?

sales acceleration formulaNo Code Necessary: How to Hack Sales

A “One Size Fits All” approach is the antithesis of sales acceleration. What are some of the keys to developing value for customers? Connection, relatability, accessibility, and usability. So those facets of sales acceleration that work for Hubspot won’t necessarily work for your everyday medical device sales representative.

How do you translate these lucrative sales techniques into something tangible that works for YOU? Simple: you hack it with sales acceleration that works for your business specifically.

If you want faster sales cycles, bigger deals, increased revenue, and higher close rates, you need sales acceleration. But you can’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on software and data interpretation tools in order to do that.

That’s where ProSellus comes in. Our all-in-one data management and sales acceleration tool works right from your tablet or desktop when you need it. Connect with physicians, build networks based on specific healthcare data (aka knowledge!), manage your territory, explore new information and review old information; the works.

While we’ll be revealing more of the sales acceleration formula in November, you can always email me with any questions. I can teach you how to hack without a computer.


Right destination

5 Benefits of the “agile marketing” approach for sales reps

What is this “agile marketing” thing?

If you’re a marketing professional who is part of a team, you’ve no doubt heard of the phrase “agile marketing” – however if you are in sales, you probably have not. So, what exactly is this buzzword? At its core, agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach in which teams identify and focus their collective efforts on high value projects, complete those projects cooperatively, measure their impact, and then continuously and incrementally improve the results over time. This buzzword took root in the tech startups of Silicon Valley and has gripped almost every industry with its jargon, efficiency, and sticky notes.

Confused? Keep reading.

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Benefits 1 & 2: Optimization & Improved Targeting

Two of the biggest tenets of the agile marketing philosophy are responding to change and valuing “testing and data” over “opinion and conventions.” That one word “DATA” – is where this approach should make sense to a sales rep. Why? Both marketing and sales have one goal: increased revenue. Revenues are optimized when data is used to make smarter decisions, either with marketing tactics or with sales strategies. Just like a marketer would leverage data to optimize their work, a sales rep would benefit greatly if they were to take their own data and actually USE it to their advantage. When I was in medtech sales, I did this manually – it was long and arduous but it helped shine the light on where my focus should be and always kept me on top of my game. 

Pro tip for the sales rep: get your data, form your strategy, test out the strategy, evaluate, pivot, rinse and repeat.

Benefits 3 & 4: Performance & Scaling

Consider a company trying to push a medical device to market. It’s a tough process involving the FDA, premarket requirements, classification…the list goes on. In order to tackle something like this, medtech companies can adopt agile marketing for improved performance and scalability. In addition, a medtech sales rep can adopt the practice of utilizing the data to further hone in on the hottest opportunities for growth and market penetration/retention.

Benefit 5: Efficiency

So let’s recap: agile marketing offers optimization, improved targeting, scalability, and increased performance. The final benefit to agile marketing over old school approaches: efficiency. There are only so many hours in the day, so improvements (even milliseconds) add up. As a result of this, it is in your best interest — as a medtech sales rep (or any sales rep) — to understand this new marketing style and leverage pieces of it to improve your own strategy. You don’t want to fall behind do you?

If you already feel like you are, email me Let’s catch you up.




Relationship Management Basics for Sales Reps

As a sales rep, you know that your reputation revolves around your relationships with your clients, your industry contacts, your peers, and pretty much everyone you meet….ever. As a result, relationship management is one of the five keys to success as a medical device sales rep. So what are the basics?

ProSellus is on the case.

Keeping Up With the Ka-Social Platforms

No Kardashians this time around, but there’s plenty of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. While some contacts are best left in your phonebook on your smart phone or in your Gmail account, others belong on the web, too.

You can work wonders on LinkedIn regarding networking and territory scouting/expansion. You can test out different pitch techniques with Facebook ads. Some of your clients might even be into Snapchat.

Use at your own risk kids.

Temperature Checks & Small Gestures

We’ve previously covered how establishing relationships can establish value. We even put together a handy list of the top 4 ways to establish value for clients. All of these revolve around relationship management.

Learning to pick up on nonverbal communication or incorporating small gestures into your routine with clients can instantly perk up any lackluster contact. Does one doctor really love Star Wars? Make a reference at your next meeting. See if you can parlay that into a discussion about that new medical device you just learned about. Even doctors are starting to do it with trust and transparency, changing ROI into IOR: “impact of relationships”.

Checking the temperature of your relationships seems like a pain, but it’s like tending a garden or doing the dishes. In order to set yourself up for success (i.e. a good harvest or a clean sink), you have to put in the work.

Some of you might have noticed that I said this is just one of five keys to success. Want to know more? Email me

Otherwise you’ll have to wait until we publish the second key next month.



6 Medtech Blogs ALL Sales Reps Should Read

As a seasoned medical device sales rep, you know your general routine. You KNOW that if you don’t keep up every single day, you’ll fall behind even your farthest competitor. You also know, as a badass sales rep, that you always need to be looking for better, faster, more efficient ways to do things. ProSellus shares this philosophy, so we thought we’d save you some time.

Here are the top 6 blogs for medical device sales reps:

Hardware, Medtech, & Gadgets — Oh My!

One of the biggest aspects of being a sales rep is knowing your product. You also need to scout all of the latest advancements in medical technology to find potential new avenues for yourself and your customers. Then, you can leverage these advancements to produce profits and grow your business. But that’s another blog (coming soon…) For now, let’s focus on Medgadget. It’s a key source for all things medtech such as this new device that increases the number of minimally invasive surgery offerings.

Medcity News also offers fantastic coverage of all the latest news in the medical device world. Don’t forget Fierce MedTech with honorable mention to Fierce Pharma (for the pharma folks out there…) either. These discuss bigger implications of innovations and events from data encryption to finances.

Pro-Tip: if you haven’t set up Reader or RSS feed to manage your interests and article sources – do it.

Familiar Faces & Total Newbies

Mass Device shouldn’t be an unfamiliar site for any sales rep who’s been around the block a time or two. If it’s new to you — don’t worry. The world of sales might be a safe space, but the ProSellus blog is designed for pros and newbies alike. Speaking of intersectionality, Informa PLC’s Knect365 is another unique blog site for sales reps. It focuses on a plethora of subjects including the intersection of tech and all things medical (even mental health).

MD+DI from QMed continues this trend with articles like How Artificial Intelligence Could Save Healthcare. They also raise global questions of technological advancement and economic implications. Remember the terms “micro” and “macro” all the way back from high school economics class? Boy do those terms matter even more when you’re an adult.

See a blog you love that’s missing? Leave it in a comment below. Don’t forget to visit our LinkedIn page for more info and thought leadership articles. Another pro-tip: you can always email if you want to talk shop about medical device sales.

Happy hunting sales reps!



Business World Connected

How can ProSellus revolutionize your healthcare business?

If you are in healthcare sales, you might want to learn about ProSellus. If you aren’t familiar with the services that the ProSellus CRM offers, we can fix that right now. Spoiler alert: we talk the talk AND walk the walk, especially when it comes to healthcare sales and marketing.

Healthcare Data & Territory Management

Data and territory management are crucial for a healthcare rep. If you start losing track of your territory, you might as well pack it up and choose a new career. It’s a rep-eat-rep (or dog-eat-dog, whichever you prefer) world out there, so you have to think 12 steps ahead of everyone else. Luckily for you, the ProSellus CRM can help you do just that. Think of our tool as LinkedIn meets Salesforce with the ease of use of your favorite smartphone app – it hunts leads, makes connections and tracks sales activity & performance all in one mobile device – and is simple simple simple to use.. Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a sales team, a streamlined data and territory management tool – that isn’t clunky and complicated – for sales reps is a bit of a unicorn.


Relationship Building, Management, & Leverage

Your physician customers are your gateways to success or your path to ruin. Establishing value of your product matters, but so does establishing a connection. In our previous blogs, we’ve talked about how to create a win/win environment for yourself and your physician. If there is a higher chance of the cost/benefit analysis weighing in the physician’s favor, you’re more likely to close the deal. On the flip side, you also have a higher chance of success if you’ve established a relationship with the physician by creating/providing value.

On top of that, you can leverage that physician’s professional network using an advanced sales technique known as sales acceleration.  If you’re drawing blanks when we mention the term “sales acceleration”, you should do some reading on our blog. You might just learn a thing or two! We are giving away many secrets that will make any healthcare sales organization bust through the competitive ceiling. Let’s put it this way: if you had healthcare data built inside your CRM that delivered key intelligence for you to accelerate deals – would you use it?


Portability, Versatility, & Organization

In today’s exceedingly busy world, you have to do ten things at once, on one leg, while dribbling a basketball. Being able to tackle things on-the-go is paramount for a healthcare sales rep. Not only that, you have to be able to stay organized easily. If it takes you hours and hours to sift through information or data, that’s not very useful, is it? Time is money, reputation, and a precious few hours of sleep. But if you stay hungry, ProSellus can do more than put food on your metaphorical table; it will help you make a feast in no time.

Curious for more? Email me,, and let’s talk all things healthcare sales. I can’t wait to see how ProSellus can transform your business. Pro-tip: individuals in healthcare sales, small healthcare businesses, or enterprise level healthcare companies can apply. We pride ourselves on accessibility (another important factor in establishing value and relationships).

Before you move onto your next big deal, do me a favor and ask yourself one thing: what are my goals for 2018? What about 2020? Think BIG. ProSellus is too!!!

sales 3.0 3

Sales & Marketing 3.0: The Basics + A Few Tricks

In earlier blogs, we detailed Sales and Marketing 101 — the basic stuff. The stuff that everyone already knows (or at least they should…). We also covered several concepts called: Sales Intelligence 3.0. In our next installment of our Sales & Marketing Blog Series, we cover Sales & Marketing 3.0 – what most people think they know about these subjects and a few tricks they probably don’t know.

How do you think you’ll stack up to the competition?

Keep reading to find out.


Do You Remember Sales & Marketing 101?

Reviewing the basics never hurts anyone. Practice makes permanent, after all, and that goes double when it comes to things you do every single day in your career. As we have covered in previous blogs, marketing does matter in sales and vice versa. Increasingly, transparency and relationship building are becoming equally important for both sales and marketing. ProSellus focuses on ways to streamline these basic processes to maximize your effort and minimize your work. Well….as minimal of work as you can do as a medical device sales rep.

Actionable Intelligence Meets a Smile

No one likes to feel like they’re being sold something. No one likes it when they’re just a series of check marks on a target audience checklist. People want to feel listened to and appreciated, as well as intelligent because, let’s face it, your average person is significantly more clued-in these days than you might think.

Consider a buzz-phrase we throw around a reasonable amount at ProSellus: Actionable Intelligence. What is this? It’s the point where data and metrics meet application and results. Essentially, it’s the culmination of sales training and target marketing too. The prep work that the marketing team does in regards to audiences, ads, and brand development crash together with data, statistics, as well as that tried and true “Can Do” attitude from a sales rep. These merge to form the perfect opportunity to close a deal. The tricky part is sifting through data, finding the right market, and honing your message.

Skip the expensive CRM’s or complicated software. The ProSellus Tool puts the power of data in the palm of your hand with ease of use only rivaled by the “easy” button. We’ll be covering more about Sales & Marketing 3.0 in the coming months because we have only scratched the surface for now. Hungry for more? You can always email me,, if you want to get ahead and empower your hunters with actionable data.


Houston Heavy Hitters in Business Development

ProSellus is a toddler now in the startup world, but is still very much finding its niche. We have expanded our focus to be ProSellus Growth Engineers who offer insight, data management, relationship management, territory management, and advanced sales & marketing techniques.  Those advanced techniques encompass sales acceleration guidance and oh yea, a tool for your current Tech Stack.  Beyond that, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. So you can imagine why the Redhouse Associates  and ProSellus partnership still feels like yesterday.

Pioneers Together

As you know, ProSellus is one of the fastest growing healthcare technology startups in Houston. As such, we consider ourselves pioneers in our field for the medical device industry.  The ProSellus Tool combines the networking aspect of a social media platform with the customer and data management features of a CRM. Oh, and all of it is available in the palm of your hand.

Redhouse Associates works on business development, providing solutions for business plans, product strategies, growth, investor interaction and more. This is one partnership fit that might be better than your favorite pair of sneakers. With their acumen and our tool, we founded our partnership in March of 2017 and looked forward to the heights we would reach together.

As we move from the last part of Q3 and into Q4 of 2017, many are asking, “What’s next for the fastest growing healthcare startup in Houston?” For that answer, you’ll have to check our blog in October! We have some big things coming down the pipeline — you won’t want to miss them! As always, you can email me,, for more information or to swap sales battles stories any time.



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