Relationship Management Basics for Sales Reps

As a sales rep, you know that your reputation revolves around your relationships with your clients, your industry contacts, your peers, and pretty much everyone you meet….ever. As a result, relationship management is one of the five keys to success as a medical device sales rep. So what are the basics?

ProSellus is on the case.

Keeping Up With the Ka-Social Platforms

No Kardashians this time around, but there’s plenty of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. While some contacts are best left in your phonebook on your smart phone or in your Gmail account, others belong on the web, too.

You can work wonders on LinkedIn regarding networking and territory scouting/expansion. You can test out different pitch techniques with Facebook ads. Some of your clients might even be into Snapchat.

Use at your own risk kids.

Temperature Checks & Small Gestures

We’ve previously covered how establishing relationships can establish value. We even put together a handy list of the top 4 ways to establish value for clients. All of these revolve around relationship management.

Learning to pick up on nonverbal communication or incorporating small gestures into your routine with clients can instantly perk up any lackluster contact. Does one doctor really love Star Wars? Make a reference at your next meeting. See if you can parlay that into a discussion about that new medical device you just learned about. Even doctors are starting to do it with trust and transparency, changing ROI into IOR: “impact of relationships”.

Checking the temperature of your relationships seems like a pain, but it’s like tending a garden or doing the dishes. In order to set yourself up for success (i.e. a good harvest or a clean sink), you have to put in the work.

Some of you might have noticed that I said this is just one of five keys to success. Want to know more? Email me Scottwalle@prosellus.com.

Otherwise you’ll have to wait until we publish the second key next month.



6 Medtech Blogs ALL Sales Reps Should Read

As a seasoned medical device sales rep, you know your general routine. You KNOW that if you don’t keep up every single day, you’ll fall behind even your farthest competitor. You also know, as a badass sales rep, that you always need to be looking for better, faster, more efficient ways to do things. ProSellus shares this philosophy, so we thought we’d save you some time.

Here are the top 6 blogs for medical device sales reps:

Hardware, Medtech, & Gadgets — Oh My!

One of the biggest aspects of being a sales rep is knowing your product. You also need to scout all of the latest advancements in medical technology to find potential new avenues for yourself and your customers. Then, you can leverage these advancements to produce profits and grow your business. But that’s another blog (coming soon…) For now, let’s focus on Medgadget. It’s a key source for all things medtech such as this new device that increases the number of minimally invasive surgery offerings.

Medcity News also offers fantastic coverage of all the latest news in the medical device world. Don’t forget Fierce MedTech with honorable mention to Fierce Pharma (for the pharma folks out there…) either. These discuss bigger implications of innovations and events from data encryption to finances.

Pro-Tip: if you haven’t set up Reader or RSS feed to manage your interests and article sources – do it.

Familiar Faces & Total Newbies

Mass Device shouldn’t be an unfamiliar site for any sales rep who’s been around the block a time or two. If it’s new to you — don’t worry. The world of sales might be a safe space, but the ProSellus blog is designed for pros and newbies alike. Speaking of intersectionality, Informa PLC’s Knect365 is another unique blog site for sales reps. It focuses on a plethora of subjects including the intersection of tech and all things medical (even mental health).

MD+DI from QMed continues this trend with articles like How Artificial Intelligence Could Save Healthcare. They also raise global questions of technological advancement and economic implications. Remember the terms “micro” and “macro” all the way back from high school economics class? Boy do those terms matter even more when you’re an adult.

See a blog you love that’s missing? Leave it in a comment below. Don’t forget to visit our LinkedIn page for more info and thought leadership articles. Another pro-tip: you can always email Scottwalle@prosellus.com if you want to talk shop about medical device sales.

Happy hunting sales reps!



Business World Connected

How Can ProSellus Revolutionize your Healthcare Business?

If you are in healthcare sales, you might want to learn about ProSellus. If you aren’t familiar with the services that the ProSellus CRM offers, we can fix that right now. Spoiler alert: we talk the talk AND walk the walk, especially when it comes to healthcare sales and marketing.

Healthcare Data & Territory Management

Data and territory management are crucial for a healthcare rep. If you start losing track of your territory, you might as well pack it up and choose a new career. It’s a rep-eat-rep (or dog-eat-dog, whichever you prefer) world out there, so you have to think 12 steps ahead of everyone else. Luckily for you, the ProSellus CRM can help you do just that. Think of our tool as LinkedIn meets Salesforce with the ease of use of your favorite smartphone app – it hunts leads, makes connections and tracks sales activity & performance all in one mobile device – and is simple simple simple to use.. Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a sales team, a streamlined data and territory management tool – that isn’t clunky and complicated – for sales reps is a bit of a unicorn.


Relationship Building, Management, & Leverage

Your physician customers are your gateways to success or your path to ruin. Establishing value of your product matters, but so does establishing a connection. In our previous blogs, we’ve talked about how to create a win/win environment for yourself and your physician. If there is a higher chance of the cost/benefit analysis weighing in the physician’s favor, you’re more likely to close the deal. On the flip side, you also have a higher chance of success if you’ve established a relationship with the physician by creating/providing value.

On top of that, you can leverage that physician’s professional network using an advanced sales technique known as sales acceleration.  If you’re drawing blanks when we mention the term “sales acceleration”, you should do some reading on our blog. You might just learn a thing or two! We are giving away many secrets that will make any healthcare sales organization bust through the competitive ceiling. Let’s put it this way: if you had healthcare data built inside your CRM that delivered key intelligence for you to accelerate deals – would you use it?


Portability, Versatility, & Organization

In today’s exceedingly busy world, you have to do ten things at once, on one leg, while dribbling a basketball. Being able to tackle things on-the-go is paramount for a healthcare sales rep. Not only that, you have to be able to stay organized easily. If it takes you hours and hours to sift through information or data, that’s not very useful, is it? Time is money, reputation, and a precious few hours of sleep. But if you stay hungry, ProSellus can do more than put food on your metaphorical table; it will help you make a feast in no time.

Curious for more? Email me, Scottwalle@prosellus.com, and let’s talk all things healthcare sales. I can’t wait to see how ProSellus can transform your business. Pro-tip: individuals in healthcare sales, small healthcare businesses, or enterprise level healthcare companies can apply. We pride ourselves on accessibility (another important factor in establishing value and relationships).

Before you move onto your next big deal, do me a favor and ask yourself one thing: what are my goals for 2018? What about 2020? Think BIG. ProSellus is too!!!

sales 3.0 3

Sales & Marketing 3.0: The Basics + A Few Tricks

In earlier blogs, we detailed Sales and Marketing 101 — the basic stuff. The stuff that everyone already knows (or at least they should…). We also covered several concepts called: Sales Intelligence 3.0. In our next installment of our Sales & Marketing Blog Series, we cover Sales & Marketing 3.0 – what most people think they know about these subjects and a few tricks they probably don’t know.

How do you think you’ll stack up to the competition?

Keep reading to find out.


Do You Remember Sales & Marketing 101?

Reviewing the basics never hurts anyone. Practice makes permanent, after all, and that goes double when it comes to things you do every single day in your career. As we have covered in previous blogs, marketing does matter in sales and vice versa. Increasingly, transparency and relationship building are becoming equally important for both sales and marketing. ProSellus focuses on ways to streamline these basic processes to maximize your effort and minimize your work. Well….as minimal of work as you can do as a medical device sales rep.

Actionable Intelligence Meets a Smile

No one likes to feel like they’re being sold something. No one likes it when they’re just a series of check marks on a target audience checklist. People want to feel listened to and appreciated, as well as intelligent because, let’s face it, your average person is significantly more clued-in these days than you might think.

Consider a buzz-phrase we throw around a reasonable amount at ProSellus: Actionable Intelligence. What is this? It’s the point where data and metrics meet application and results. Essentially, it’s the culmination of sales training and target marketing too. The prep work that the marketing team does in regards to audiences, ads, and brand development crash together with data, statistics, as well as that tried and true “Can Do” attitude from a sales rep. These merge to form the perfect opportunity to close a deal. The tricky part is sifting through data, finding the right market, and honing your message.

Skip the expensive CRM’s or complicated software. The ProSellus Tool puts the power of data in the palm of your hand with ease of use only rivaled by the “easy” button. We’ll be covering more about Sales & Marketing 3.0 in the coming months because we have only scratched the surface for now. Hungry for more? You can always email me, Scottwalle@prosellus.com, if you want to get ahead and empower your hunters with actionable data.


Houston Heavy Hitters in Business Development

ProSellus is a toddler now in the startup world, but is still very much finding its niche. We have expanded our focus to be ProSellus Growth Engineers who offer insight, data management, relationship management, territory management, and advanced sales & marketing techniques.  Those advanced techniques encompass sales acceleration guidance and oh yea, a tool for your current Tech Stack.  Beyond that, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. So you can imagine why the Redhouse Associates  and ProSellus partnership still feels like yesterday.

Pioneers Together

As you know, ProSellus is one of the fastest growing healthcare technology startups in Houston. As such, we consider ourselves pioneers in our field for the medical device industry.  The ProSellus Tool combines the networking aspect of a social media platform with the customer and data management features of a CRM. Oh, and all of it is available in the palm of your hand.

Redhouse Associates works on business development, providing solutions for business plans, product strategies, growth, investor interaction and more. This is one partnership fit that might be better than your favorite pair of sneakers. With their acumen and our tool, we founded our partnership in March of 2017 and looked forward to the heights we would reach together.

As we move from the last part of Q3 and into Q4 of 2017, many are asking, “What’s next for the fastest growing healthcare startup in Houston?” For that answer, you’ll have to check our blog in October! We have some big things coming down the pipeline — you won’t want to miss them! As always, you can email me, Scottwalle@prosellus.com, for more information or to swap sales battles stories any time.



Come Hell or High Water We are #HoustonStrong


We at ProSellus have been hit very hard this past week and ½ with Hurricane Harvey. Most of you might not realize we are headquartered smack dab in the middle of Houston, TX. All of our employees are here, families and friends here, and each of us was affected by the hurricane in one way or the other. Most of our days lately have been filled with clean-up efforts, ripping out drywall, floors, grabbing personal items and trying to salvage clothes and anything else not destroyed. We have been volunteering in neighborhoods, at our places of worship, comforting one another, friends and strangers alike. Mostly though, it’s been about coming together as human beings and as Texans. It’s been about spreading love, support and encouragement. It’s been about rolling our sleeves up and jumping in to do whatever needs to be done. It’s also about being kind to one another and feeling a sense of brotherhood around us similar to what folks in New Orleans for Katrina or NYC for 9/11 must have experienced. For us around here, it renews hope and promise that we as human beings in the worst possible scenarios tend to work together more than apart. The walls come down and we become one. It’s quite remarkable really.

Over the past few days, our team has personally seen some pretty remarkable things done by regular folks. To share just a few – this was a video of complete strangers making human chain to rescue an elderly man from a drowning SUV on the flooded highway. Pretty chilling and amazing to see. If you are one of those that worries about the animals – this video of rescuers picking up those pets left behind in homes and tied to trees is pretty heartwarming. All of this is in our backyard of Houston. These are only TWO of hundreds upon hundreds of similar stories – all of which we will see coming out more and more in the upcoming months.



Just as we are proud of our local Texan citizens, we couldn’t be prouder at the Texas-born businesses that are going far and wide to help support the victims. We in Houston and the surrounding areas affected need help and we will need help for a good long while. The Texas burger-chain Whataburger is giving $150,000 to the Red Cross and $500,000 to Houston-area food banks. Dell has been around for decades and has become a global brand of choice in the computer industry. Recognizing the need to help its local community, Michael Dell pledged a whopping $36 million to assist his fellow Texans. Bass Pro Shops is focused on supply resources as their primary contribution to the hurricane relief. This includes nearly 100 boats for government agencies and rescue organizations to use throughout the devastated areas. Sometimes, even a single individual can make the biggest impact. Jim McIngvale, a Houston native and owner of several Gallery Furniture locations in the area, has opened up his stores as shelters for impacted Families. Our own JJ Watt has opened up a fund and already raised over $20M. Our Texas-based Grocery Chain HEB had local stores devastated by the flood – check out what they did to keep the chain up and running and for their employees. Here are a few other companies you may have heard of that are donating to Harvey victims.


We have made a LOT of progress over these 4-5 days of recovery, however we have a LONG way to go. We at ProSellus want to spread the word on how to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Even better? Donate your time/materials/proceeds to Houston area local charities:

As always beware of charity scams – here is a good article on how to know who is legit.


Remember, our recovery efforts are a marathon, not a sprint. If you cannot donate now, donate later – we will need all and for a long time. At ProSellus, we plan to donate to several organizations listed above to help ensure that we are all on the same page: that as long as we are here on earth, we must help each other in order to survive. No one should be alone, especially in times of need.  

We are #Houstonstrong and come #hellorhighwater – we will survive through this.


What to do if You get Hacked on LinkedIn

As of August 30, 2017, our LinkedIn page was hacked.  Luckily, after 24 hours, we got it back. As you can imagine, most of us here in Houston, TX, were not too happy. On top of this, there’s the obvious disaster at hand: Hurricane Harvey.

Considering the tremendous losses others have incurred from belongings to homes and even lives, losing access for 24 hours to a social media platform seems like a walk in the park. But it got me thinking….whether you’re an individual sales rep or an enterprise level med-tech company, you need ways to protect yourself, your data, and your intellectual property. Specifically, with LinkedIn, there isn’t much recourse for users to take if a data breach such as this occurs.

Start With LinkedIn Customer Service Recommendations

Though this seems obvious, it’s a necessary step — especially reviewing your currently active sessions. If you see anything unfamiliar or suspicious, investigate it right away! The follow up check of your personal and work emails is also a must. You can avoid further compromises in one simple check.

TIP: I run a company and as CEO I can be a bit impatient – like I want results now – so when I have to fill out a bunch of online forms and wait…and wait…well – that doesn’t quite sit well with me. So after much digging I found this email: linkedin_support@cs.linkedin.com – and they responded rather quickly. You just have to be proactive! Also make sure that you have back up emails loaded on your account in case someone does try to change your primary email – they will notify your secondary email that there was a change.

But WHY Did I get Hacked In the First Place?

Great question! No idea. Apparently, hackers like to target LinkedIn accounts for the greater access to network information. Think about it: you can get to know A LOT about a person by looking at their LinkedIn profile. You can even identify more targets by looking at people’s connections. Gaining access to login credentials enables hackers to potentially crack greater codes than just a few LinkedIn profiles.

They target people in many ways, but an old favorite is the classically threatening security themed farce. You can see in the image below that this is a fairly well reasoned email, but it doesn’t look as official as one from LinkedIn should look.  It is a phishing email aimed to capture all your details.

By falling for this email scam and filling out the attached HTML file, you unwittingly hand the hackers your login information on a silver platter. While you might not fall for this, a coworker might. Your parents or your kids might. Who knows? Two-factor authentication is a great way to thwart these kinds of schemes if you have been compromised.

Simple Steps to Security

As we’ve mentioned, getting hacked is no picnic. But there are ways to mitigate the effects of being hacked. The following list is a great way to start:

  • Anti-virus software like Avast, Malware Bytes, and Webroot
  • Changing passwords every 3 – 6 months
  • Encryption or scrambling software
  • Proxies or VPNs
  • Keeping up with data breaches by following Twitter accounts such as haveibeenpwned as operated by Troy Hunt
  • Request a data archive of your profile
  • Add a second backup email to your profile
  • Download all of your contacts in case you lose your account

Why Do Some People Not Know That They’ve Been Hacked?

Though LinkedIn is great for many things like networking and thought leadership, the communication about security breaches leaves something to be desired. Though there was a ton of coverage on the 2012 LinkedIn data breach that affected nearly 6.5 million users, other breaches were swept under the rug. The reason why: its data from the initial 2012 breach either being released or used years later. That explains why the 2012 data breach gets listed among the worst data breaches of all time regularly.

What Else Can I Do to Protect Myself?

TIP: Go to a website called haveibeenpwned.com. I know — it looks like a spam website, but it’s actually one of your greatest tools in protecting your login information and email security. It automatically checks any email you put in for security breaches or compromises. The person who operates it, Troy Hunt, is a known specialist in this area and regularly writes about data breaches.

Avoid our mistakes: get a data archive, download your connections, and enable that two-factor authentication. Data matters more and more every day. The ProSellus Growth Engineers still have a little growing to do in some departments, but then again, shouldn’t you always be growing?

We’ll let you think on it a bit.


5 Ways to Succeed as a Medical Device Sales Rep

Medical device sales is the Wild West and Game of Thrones combined. The competition is fierce even for the most well-equipped and savvy of reps.  The best of the best are always on the lookout for tips, tricks and new strategies to help them up their game and stay on top. ProSellus is dedicated to providing accessible resources for medical device sales reps and improving their sales business. If you are one, let’s see if one of your go-to techniques makes our list of 5 ways to succeed as a medical device sales rep.

Time Management & Value Propositions

The first key to succeeding as a sales rep is crucial: time management. You cannot bounce from meeting to meeting, keep up with emails, read news about medical technology and thought leadership, and look like a boss without it. Pro-tip: watches are great. Setting them to be fast is better. Bonus — remember that old proverb about what “being on time” actually means? Time to redefine your understanding of what “being early” is.

Our second tip is to be completely versed in what a value proposition is and how to implement one. Establishing value for a client is a main part of being a sales rep. If you flounder at this step, you’ll probably (definitely) struggle to become a successful sales rep regardless of industry. For more info on establishing value, check out some of our other blog posts.

Measured Expectations & Balance

You always want to close the deal and convert that competitive customer when you make even the shortest of pitches, but…sometimes even the best sales reps fail. In an industry so heavily focused on profits and numbers, it can be disheartening sometimes to see yourself as just a percentage. Prepare yourself mentally for the negatives or the “no’s”. Another old adage about “missing all the shots you never take” applies here, but you probably already knew that.

Another thing many sales reps forget about is establishing work/life balance. In order to be at your utmost successful level, you need to recharge. You’re no good in a business meeting if you’re running on two hours of sleep in a wrinkled suit (or scrubs) and a far-off look on your face. Whether you miss out on those critical 6 – 8 hours of sleep because of work or “recreation”, you’re setting yourself up for lackluster performance in your chosen career. Be flexible with regards to your clients and schedule, but also with yourself. (Folks, I was guilty of this 100% of the time.  I remember burning the candle at both ends with a blowtorch!  I would literally end a Friday forgetting that it was Friday.  When you’re young in this business you’re expected to hustle in order to make an impact.  And don’t kid yourself, you’ll always hustle, but you need to have some sort of balance.  I know, I know, sometimes it seems impossible, but no surgeon or physician wants a rep who makes errors because they’ve only slept 10 hours all week!  That would be the quickest way to lose business!!!!!)

The Final Way to Succeed in Sales (With or Without Really Trying)

Make good on your word. That’s it. No, really — it is that simple. As a sales representative, your reputation is an integral part of your brand and your business. The minute someone drags your good name through the mud, you could be toast (and not avocado or butter; just burnt). Tired of the crispiness in your life?

Email me at Scottwalle@prosellus.com and let’s see if ProSellus can transform your fire hazard into the ability to control fire.





Sales Acceleration is Your Turnkey Sales & Marketing Strategy…But What Is It?

Turnkey solutions are fantastic for enterprise and small sales businesses. They’re lean, often affordable, and — ideally — extremely effective. ProSellus offers such an all-in-one-tool in the form of a service that combines the capabilities of LinkedIn (hunting) and Salesforce (contact and revenue management). It also utilizes a little known sales strategy that could be the one thing you need to boost your sales numbers and improve your medical device sales business.

Customer Management Meets Inter-connectivity

As a medical device sales rep, if you could do more with leads, you would jump at the opportunity right? As a medical device marketing person what if you could find the hottest opportunities to feed to your reps in a  matter of seconds? Sales acceleration offers the unique fusion of customer management with the inter-connectivity of the 21st century. You can house and access client information, manage relationships, find new opportunities in your territory, and more all from the palm of your hand with ProSellus. The trick to sales acceleration: you.

One of the best weapons a sales rep has in their arsenal is their ability to establish value of a product/service based on personal interactions. Establishing a rapport with a client or prospect is just as important as understanding the product/service you are selling. Sales acceleration is a combination of tactics and approaches that utilize your best tool and extrapolate sales skills into actionable intelligence.

One of the best weapons a marketing person has in their arsenal is data intelligence. Having access to valuable healthcare data within an easy-to-acquire solution is a medical device marketing person’s dream. Finally, something that marketing can DO to effectively help sales – find quality leads and fast. No more wide-net fishing.

Don’t Get Bamboozled

Many companies offer sales acceleration tool packages, but at a cost or with confusing and difficult-to-understand interfaces. (Trust me, I’ve been where you guys and girls are.  My former companies would provide “great” software platforms that quite frankly my sales counterparts and myself would give up on rather quickly.  They were simply un-intuitive and impossible to use.) It’s understandable as the business of sales acceleration has reached more than $12-billion. It’s hard to ignore the numbers — especially when they indicate that you could be doing something better, but you don’t have to spend beau coup bucks to do it. ProSellus offers this turnkey solution right from your mobile device. Imagine it: having all the information you need on-the-go and more organized than any cabinet could ever be.

Optimize or Fall Behind

If you want to learn more about how sales acceleration can improve your sales & marketing business (and I know you do), email me. Scottwalle@prosellus.com. I want to personally help your business grow using my expertise and knowledge of medical sales gained over more than a decade of experience in the industry. So what’s it going to be — are you going to adapt to the modern age or stick with the dinosaurs?


Can Google & Big Data Teach You Something About Sales?

The importance of metrics and insights is no longer a well-kept secret; it’s a business necessity. “Big Data” provides the kind of information that can transform lackluster profit numbers into skyrocketing stock prices. Of course, this isn’t a magic trick or an easy button — it’s months and sometimes years of hard work and management. Don’t believe us, ya know the team from ProSellus who are the Sales Growth Engineers? Then take it from the biggest of “Big Data” companies: Google.

Online Tracking Meets Brick & Mortar

The internet giant began tracking online users to outward facing stores — both stand alone and those in malls utilizing the data received from online sales. As a result, many users developed valid concerns about the privacy and safety of their information. Just take a look at the very first statement on the “Google Ads” page. Despite protestations, cookies and other tracking mechanisms are commonplace in today’s online environment.

By harvesting data on millions of users, Google can offer a variety of useful conclusions and services such as:

● Informing advertisers of the effects of their ad campaigns
● Utilizing data to make ads more relevant to users
● Offering security tools to developers
● Sharing information to develop a safer internet surfing experience

And more! As a sales rep, you probably have an active social media platform or website of some kind. Google Analytics is a free service you can utilize to garner such data. Of course, that’s old news and it offers a myopic data set that doesn’t really service a sales business — enterprise, small, or individual. What is missing? Meaning and intelligence. Data is one thing – what is MEANINGFUL about it is another.

The Key to Understanding Data Management & Use

If you’re a sales rep transferring files from paper to digital, you might have encountered some frustrating roadblocks. If you are a sales  (or marketing!) rep who is also trying to interpret data from analytics or metrics, you might be one PPC campaign away from giving up altogether. Trust me, I was there. As a sales rep, many companies think they’re doing the reps a big favor by sending them huge Excel or .CSV files and saying, “Just create a pivot table or two and filter through the attached 50,000 row document, it will give you everything you need!” Excuse me… you want me to create what? And do what with it? I didn’t even know where to begin! Don’t feel shame in that: there are several planets worth of data you’re navigating. Pro-tip: you don’t have to do that alone anymore.

ProSellus Growth Engineers focuses on aggressive and effective data interpretation and data management strategies for medical device sales reps. We provide that meaning in a useful and simple way. Unlike any tool or program before it, ProSellus offers several avenues to increase efficiency, revenue, and quality of life for your sales business. Don’t believe me? Email Scottwalle@prosellus.com and let’s discuss any reservations or questions you have.


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