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8 Tips to Market Your Sales Business Better

If you’re a medical device sales rep who’s been around the block a time or two, you are always looking for ways to better yourself and your business. Even sales reps who are part of a big company can find small ways to tweak performance for the better.

Start with the basics:

1. Identify, Clarify, & Segment

No one likes a muddled sales pitch. If you can’t communicate your product or services to others, there’s very little chance of you closing any deal. A quick and easy way to streamline your sales process is to cut the fat with three simple steps:

  • Identify your objective and overall message
  • Clarify your message and objective
  • Compartmentalize the message for easy digestion and understanding

These simple steps help to trim any excess fat (words) from your pitch to reduce time wasted. They also facilitate better and more comprehensive understanding on behalf of the client. Time is money, after all, isn’t it?


2. Sell the Benefit Instead of the Comparison

One of the biggest faux pas any sales rep can make is also one of the most common. Newbies to the game will often focus on comparing an old product or service to their new product or service. Now, this can be useful, but it’s an amateurish move.

Instead, focus on the benefits of the new product or service. Forget about the old one; the only one that matters is what you’re selling. Full stop.


3. Content is King

You’ve probably heard this phrase before and thought nothing of it. But if you’re an individual operating your own personal sales business, creating SEO blog content is a fantastic way to boost your ranking and increase visibility.

It doesn’t need to be super in-depth or crazy specific articles. It can be something as simple as explaining a case study or listing your personal tips for closing a deal. Research other thought leaders in your industry. Do what they do. It’s worked for ProSellus and it can work for you.


4. Sell to Customer Needs

This one seems like a no-brainer, but we all need to be reminded of it sometimes. Regardless of the product or service you’re representing, you have to keep client needs in mind.

You can’t sell a new heartbeat monitor to a Podiatrist. But take this one step further: anticipate the needs of your potential or current clients. How could this client best utilize a new product you’ve got? What could it do for their quality of life, their profits, their patients?

Addressing all of these questions will not only make you a better salesperson, but it will help immensely with number 8 on this list.


5. Fail Quickly, But Not Often

Failure is not the end of the world. It’s a necessary tool in order to grow and learn to do better. That said, you can also plan for failure in order to mitigate fallout and decrease recovery time needed.

In terms of marketing, this philosophy goes double. You can’t afford to waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on frivolous marketing ventures that produce zero results. Start with small tests, targeted ads, and specific PPC campaigns. Run them for 2 – 3 months, then measure the results. Do your own A/B split testing using your blog content (since it’s king and all).


Failure is a good thing in small doses. Remember that.


6. Share the Spotlight

Nobody likes a know-it-all, but everyone loves to network. In doing so, you can make connections with manufacturers or other sales reps with more presence than yours. Then, all you have to do is share the spotlight.

Go a guest blog post on their website or vice versa. Go in on a joint project together and collaborate. These connections should NOT go un-leveraged. You can benefit from each other’s audiences and grow together and respectively.



7. Have a Mobile Presence

Everyone practically eats and sleeps with their phones now. Admit it — you do, too. It’s important to maintain some non-digital marketing channels, but your biggest audiences are in the palm of your hand.

Leverage your LinkedIn contacts by posting regular articles or blogs and interacting with other people’s posts. Update your Facebook page. Learn to love and how to smartly use hashtags. Even text messages are a huge tool for marketing. Think about it: 95% of Americans have cell phones. And 98% of their text messages get opened.

That’s a pretty good ROI wouldn’t you say?


8. Build Relationships & Develop a Referral Network

Having a gregarious nature and making friends easily should come natural for all sales reps. You need to develop relationships in order to close deals. The trick to growth is maintaining and further cultivating those relationships. But again: this network should NOT go un-leveraged.

Ask for client referrals or recommendations. Build a network of potential clients based on your current list.

If any of this seems like a foreign concept to you, email me at scottwalle@prosellus.com and let’s enlighten each other. Share the spotlight, remember?


Sales Vs. Marketing: What You Need to Know

Many people, regardless of industry, often combine two vastly different concepts: sales and marketing. While these two often work hand-in-hand to achieve great things and impossible tasks, they are incredibly different. I’ve heard all of the analogies – from salespeople being the talkers and the marketing people being “the brains” to both of them being written off as swindlers. Guess what: everything you have heard is probably 100% wrong.

So let’s set the record straight. What is marketing? What is sales? How does understanding sales and marketing help the business of a medical device sales rep? You know the drill. Let’s get started.

Sales: More Than Just Closing Deals

We have all seen Glengarry Glen Ross and that infamous scene where Alec Baldwin’s tells everyone to “Always Be Closing”. But the sales techniques of the past (even from the middle 2000s and early 2010s) aren’t going to cut it in today’s world of big data and transparency.

Sales reps today have to work even smarter to maintain and expand their territory. By utilizing groundbreaking and growth hacking strategies like sales acceleration, you can use actionable intelligence to grow your business. So, what is sales in the modern age? Is it just a series of numbers on a spreadsheet or a signature on a dotted line? Kind of, but it’s more about data interpretation and synthesis than it is meeting quotas. It’s also about utilizing the latest technology available to the masses and keeping up with the “Joneses”. If your career is in sales, and you do not stay up to speed with mobile tech – you are losing out.

The best way to look at sales vs. marketing is to consider sales the “Brick and Mortar” or “Practical” aspect of this relationship. You’re focused on hard statistics and timelines like sales numbers and fiscal quarters. Even moreso today, with big data playing an increasingly large role in how we conduct business, salespeople and medical sales reps are focused on numbers. The closest and simplest analogy would be the STEM department in your average university.

Marketing: Not Just Facebook Ads & Commercials

Let’s piggyback on that last paragraph. If your sales team is like the STEM department, what would that make the marketing team? If you guessed the social sciences and arts, you nailed it. In the same way that a society can’t function without its engineers and doctors, you need artists, writers, designers, and researchers to come full circle in the world.

The marketing team crafts the message that the sales team represents. Whether you are offering a service or a product, you don’t just have a Powerpoint of bulleted lists of why someone should be interested. You have engaging copy on marketing materials, online web ads, LinkedIn blog posts, or even in-person campaigns. Of course, individual sales reps have to pull double duty on this one; there is no “marketing department” to bounce ideas off or “HR department” to depend on for administrative help.

Regardless of the scope of your business, you need to always be ahead of the trends while still employing current strategies. One of the most popular marketing techniques today is selling a mindset or lifestyle instead of products or services. Brand loyalty hinges upon transparency and relatability of a company significantly more brand legacies. This is the point where sales and marketing come together.

Want to be a Great Sales Rep? Master Sales AND Marketing

Combine concrete numbers with creative problem solving solutions and you have a recipe for success. Your next question might be, so which came first – chicken or egg? Truth be told, that doesn’t matter. What matters is how your sales and marketing strategies work with each other toward the ultimate goal of success. You can’t make sales if your marketing doesn’t produce leads and you can’t turn leads into sales if your sales reps aren’t taking those leads successfully down the pipeline to close. Some have tossed around the term “smarketing”….but I have a better suggestion: sales acceleration.

What if there was a way you could marry sales and marketing into one software tool? Meaning, what if there was a tool that both generated qualified leads and then helped sales close the deal AND maintain the account? It is possible. Right now – sales lives in CRMs, and to a certain extent, marketing does too, however marketing also lives in marketing automation platforms and a million other types of platforms that cost thousands of dollars and turn your “tech stacks” to high-rises with confusing ROI’s.  There is no reason why sales and marketing should work within different technology platforms when they can work hand in hand.  

Sales acceleration strategies can streamline sales and marketing team processes for startups and enterprise level businesses alike. You don’t need tons of different specialists or software and programs anymore. Your all-in-one-tool for growing your business is right here with ProSellus Growth Engineers. Email me Scottwalle@prosellus.com to discuss the future of your business and be sure to read more about sales acceleration, growth hacking, and other medical sales reps tips on our blog.


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