Your Sales Acceleration Formula: Pt. 1

ProSellus Debuts “The Sales Acceleration Formula…Part One”

We mentioned last month that we would be debuting a two part blog series on the ultimate sales acceleration formula. Since we are growth engineers of our word, we have the first part of the sales acceleration formula right here, right now.

Are you ready to hack your sales strategies?

Part One: Know Your Audience Like You Know Yourself

This may sound like a fluff phrase, but seriously: it’s one of the biggest parts of the sales acceleration formula. You cannot get to part two and part three without it. Period. So, how do we execute part one? You need contacts.

One of the biggest tenets of sales acceleration is having well-maintained and solid customer relationships. Now, if you are scratching your head at this, let’s recap some of our other blogs on how sales acceleration works.

Cultivate Relationships Based on Need & Demand

You might remember from one of your intro business classes the term “value proposition.” It is how you establish value in your sales pitches to customers. Of course, I’m tweaking the definition just a bit because I’m focused on medical device sales. But you get the idea.

As we have covered before, establishing value for repeat customers requires a deft hand and an open ear. You can’t just go in there throwing around free dinners and boring presentations. People don’t respond to traditional sales pitches like they used to. You have to establish REAL value by establishing a relationship first.

In an effort to increase the success rate of your customer relationship attempts, check out this blog on the type of sales rep NOT to be. People can debate all day long about the kind of sales rep you SHOULD be. But I’ve found that it is much easier to know what tactics and behaviors to avoid instead.

So, What’s the Trick? Where’s the “Easy Button”?

The “trick” to managing customer relationships isn’t really a trick either (by the way). You can build a referral network simply by being actively engaged in the lives and well-being of your customers.

One physician customer is overloaded with patients (or more realistically, doesn’t have enough patients). Do you know someone who can help? Do you know physicians that can either help with the overload or more importantly send patients to your customer?  Make a recommendation. Set up a dinner, lunch or happy hour and watch your value increase 10x.  You can leverage your contacts to further your success.

Try to avoid getting caught up in just the features and benefits of your products.  Physicians can read; they know the features and benefits of all the products.  Listen to what they NEED.

That’s what sales is about!

It might take an extra five minutes on a call or a few texts or emails here and there. But investing in your customers and the well-being of their patients means that they will invest in your medical device sales business. True Story.

More to Come….Stay Tuned

This is merely part one in a series of three parts to this sales acceleration formula. Parts two and three will be coming down the pipeline in the coming months. But if you are hungry for more now (which…if you are a sales rep always trying to dominate your market, you are always hungry), email me.

I’m available at anytime for questions on sales acceleration, sales enablement, and our all-in-one tool for sales reps designed by sales reps.



Can Google & Big Data Teach You Something About Sales?

The importance of metrics and insights is no longer a well-kept secret; it’s a business necessity. “Big Data” provides the kind of information that can transform lackluster profit numbers into skyrocketing stock prices. Of course, this isn’t a magic trick or an easy button — it’s months and sometimes years of hard work and management. Don’t believe us, ya know the team from ProSellus who are the Sales Growth Engineers? Then take it from the biggest of “Big Data” companies: Google.

Online Tracking Meets Brick & Mortar

The internet giant began tracking online users to outward facing stores — both stand alone and those in malls utilizing the data received from online sales. As a result, many users developed valid concerns about the privacy and safety of their information. Just take a look at the very first statement on the “Google Ads” page. Despite protestations, cookies and other tracking mechanisms are commonplace in today’s online environment.

By harvesting data on millions of users, Google can offer a variety of useful conclusions and services such as:

● Informing advertisers of the effects of their ad campaigns
● Utilizing data to make ads more relevant to users
● Offering security tools to developers
● Sharing information to develop a safer internet surfing experience

And more! As a sales rep, you probably have an active social media platform or website of some kind. Google Analytics is a free service you can utilize to garner such data. Of course, that’s old news and it offers a myopic data set that doesn’t really service a sales business — enterprise, small, or individual. What is missing? Meaning and intelligence. Data is one thing – what is MEANINGFUL about it is another.

The Key to Understanding Data Management & Use

If you’re a sales rep transferring files from paper to digital, you might have encountered some frustrating roadblocks. If you are a sales  (or marketing!) rep who is also trying to interpret data from analytics or metrics, you might be one PPC campaign away from giving up altogether. Trust me, I was there. As a sales rep, many companies think they’re doing the reps a big favor by sending them huge Excel or .CSV files and saying, “Just create a pivot table or two and filter through the attached 50,000 row document, it will give you everything you need!” Excuse me… you want me to create what? And do what with it? I didn’t even know where to begin! Don’t feel shame in that: there are several planets worth of data you’re navigating. Pro-tip: you don’t have to do that alone anymore.

ProSellus Growth Engineers focuses on aggressive and effective data interpretation and data management strategies for medical device sales reps. We provide that meaning in a useful and simple way. Unlike any tool or program before it, ProSellus offers several avenues to increase efficiency, revenue, and quality of life for your sales business. Don’t believe me? Email and let’s discuss any reservations or questions you have.


Modern Service – Old School Mindset

Modern Services with an Old School Mindset

By now, you’re familiar with the movers and shakers of ProSellus, but you may still be wondering just what we mean when we call ourselves, “Sales Growth Engineers”. To get a full scope of our company philosophy, you need to know more about three things: modern business structure, Growth Hacking, and old fashioned business practices.

“Modern business structure” is one of those phrases that can leave you scratching your head, but all it correlates to is how a company is built and how it operates. Your typical corporation will be comprised of dozens of departments or pods under one umbrella, but many modern businesses operate on a much more lean business anatomy. Rather than diving into every single cookie jar, businesses develop business relationships with companies which offer services they will utilize and work in tandem in order to achieve its goals.

This exact mindset describes every aspect of ProSellus, but that means it requires different strategies for growth than your average company. A set of techniques known as “Growth Hacking” mainly focus on search engine optimization, content creation and implementation, and social media, but the philosophy is this: utilize a distinct brand identity and tools of the modern age to boost your company’s visibility and reach. Again, a mindset that describes every aspect of our company and focuses on streamlining processes for maximum efficiency and results.

Finally, with so many contemporary and forward-thinking business mantras, we wanted to root our Software System in something everyone understands and respects: old fashioned business practices. This means a commitment to excellence, our word being our bond, and delivering a fantastic service or product. By using all of the technological tools at our disposal and still forging people-to-people relationships, ProSellus intends to increase productivity for all Medical Device Sales Reps.

The 3 facets of the ProSellus Linx Solution: ProSight, ProConnect, and ProIntel – all offer various strategies and knowledge to help build a significant network and insights never before captured. You can then utilize that network and those insights to bolster and boost your sales – hence the nickname for ProSellus: “Sales Growth Engineers.” Put that entrepreneurial mindset to work smarter, not harder!


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