Healthcare’s Digital Renaissance: Pain or Prospect?

You don’t work as a Medical Device Sales Rep for more than decade without learning that attitude is everything. As we move into 2017 with new medical advancements everyday, you’ve got a choice to make. Are you going to view all of this change as obstacles getting in the way of your success? Or will you view them as opportunities to rise to the occasion? If you fall in the former camp, you might want to consider switching teams. Experts say that healthcare’s digital renaissance shows no signs of ending soon. (Buckle up, this train shows no signs of slowing or stopping!)

Get With the Times Grandpa

In today’s world of Facebook, LinkedIn, and CRM’s, you have to constantly tweak your approaches to….well, everything. Gone are the days where you could just check in with a handful of clients. Competition is fiercer than ever, so you’ve got to use every tool in your arsenal and that means adapting to the digital age. (I know what you’re thinking.  I was there too: “Digital Age? What is that?  I’ve done this job successfully for 15 years and NOW you want to change the way we work?”  Haven’t you ever heard, ”You don’t fix what ain’t broke!”  I see all these young kids, who are new to the industry, showing fancy apps to my customers on phones and I-Pad’s and they’re interested in them!  This new electronic stuff is driving me crazy! I’ve fought this as long as I can.)  Transfer from that roll-o-dex to your phone contacts. Use that $800 computer you speak into everyday as more than “just” a phone. It also means taking heed of what top medical industry techies are predicting when it comes to medical technology.

High Tech Humans

You would think that a transition to a more tech focused economy would include the exclusion of humans (like we sales reps). No need to fear: your job is more important than ever.

As we move into Web 3.0, Cohen adds that “the world of connective and predictive intelligence — patients will no longer seek out all the information on their condition; they will look for just the right information, personalized to their situation. Patients need to be able to trust the information is credible and accurate. And while a part of the next wave will be highly technical, the complementary part will be highly human. They will want to engage with healthcare professionals in more frequent, yet shorter interactions, balancing the technical with the personable.”

What does this mean for your business? It means that, whether you like it or not, you’ve got to stay technically relevant AND charismatic AND knowledgeable AND compassionate AND proactive AND….well, you get the picture. Folks, this is one of those times where you sit back and think, “Do I want to learn all this new stuff or fight my manager, my team and my whole company really? OR, I can embrace the idea of mastering all of this digital technology.  What would those young kids in the industry do if I had all of my experience AND their new gadgets? They don’t stand a chance.”  Yes, it’s a demanding job, but that’s what keeps you hungry for more.

Adapting to the changing world of medical sales repping doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can take one huge leap into the future with one quick step: using the ProSellus app. Not only can you more easily keep track of clients, you can utilize their networks of connections to grow your business and pursue opportunities efficiently and effectively. Want more info? Of course you do – email me at


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