A New Look & Tool for a New Age: How Can ProSellus Help You?

You might remember some older blogs where we talk about the array of services that ProSellus Growth Engineers offers for medical device sales reps. But you have also probably noticed the website face lift we just implemented recently. As we preach, so must we practice. In addition, we have launched the first Sales Enablement Tool that combines both lead generation AND customer management in one. It not only will help the sales person, but the marketing person in the medical device organization. Technology is always changing and, based on user data and metrics, we can determine better ways to deliver the ProSellus experience & product to our current and potential clients. Let’s take a walk down the newly renovated memory lane, shall we?

So What’s New With Our Website?

New Look, Increased Growth

The first thing you’re bound to notice is the improved navigation toolbar at the top of the web page. Instead of the old navigatory buttons, we now feature the usual “Home” and “About” links, but we feature new ones, too. “Product” illuminates the plethora of ways that ProSellus Growth Engineers can increase lean efficiency, metric and data interpretation, user experience improvements, and profits while decreasing costs in money, stress, and time. “Pricing” lays out the available features and packaging while “Resources” links to our blog with numerous posts about all things medical device sales, thought leadership, marketing, and more. “Support” is pretty self-explanatory: We offer a toll free number with support services for any question you might have about your ProSellus services and business development. Following that, you can “Request A Demo”. All you have to do is fill out a quick contact form with information about your particular needs for a personalized demonstration of just how much ProSellus Growth Engineers can augment your business. There is also an insightful video featuring ProSellus client Dr. Michael Sprintz for those who would like first hand testimonies about the ProSellus solution.

While you might be saying – okay so the nice nav features and web pages – so what? Well I am here to tell you – it’s not only about that – it’s about the impact we are making on the market. If you notice on that website – we are growing – we have customer testimonials, and are gaining momentum. Folks, we are only getting started. For being on the market for LESS THAN A YEAR – we are proving to customers that their business can take off when they leverage our software – and you will see on our site that “Our Customers LOVE us”!

Now to the good stuff….

So, What’s New with our Tool?

Sales Enablement, Sales Acceleration, & Actionable Intelligence COMBINED

The ingredients of our “Secret Sauce” are top secret….but we’ll give you insight into the top  3 concepts ProSellus Growth Engineers leverages to adapt your medical sales business into the modern age and beyond. Two of them you may know about and the other one you MUST know about if you want to be a successful businessperson in the 21st century.

Strategies to “hack” sales are integral to any growth plan for a sales business (this means you, too, sales mavericks). ProSellus offers tools to enhance sales acceleration, transform data into actionable intelligence, and other sales enablement tools for every level. You might not use all of the tools we offer….oh wait, yes you will:

  • Robust search options and filters based on critical healthcare data
  • Forecasting, tracking and reporting of pipeline opportunities
  • Physician resource monitoring and organization
  • Physician and facility finder
  • Sales call and activity tracker
  • Territory and network linking
  • Mobile customer management

And so much more…


Remember when we asked “What if Salesforce and LinkedIn had a baby”

Grab your cigar…Here is THAT KID:


This kid will be the most successful person in the room. The services ProSellus Growth Engineers offers can be your all-in-one-tool to managing, growing, and understanding your clients and territory. We are a lead generator AND a customer management tool all packaged up and simplified for the on-the-go sales person. After all, when it comes to medical device sales, you can’t afford to fall behind. Email me Scottwalle@prosellus.com and let’s talk tools to enhance your business in ways you never thought possible.

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