The Brain behind Smart Market DevelopmentTM

Two things are vital in order to be a rock star sales team:

  1. Understanding your customers’ needs (Data)
  2. Skillfully articulating how your solution fits those needs

Furthermore, in the healthcare and medical device sales industry, time with physicians is scarce – so those sales team members in particular must have the ability to communicate value quickly and efficiently with maximum impact (Knowledge & Delivery).

ProIntel™ takes massive amounts of healthcare, marketing, sales and clinical data and translates it into actionable intelligence for your sales team in just seconds, all in their hand. This data will help the sales team understand what their customer’s business drivers are, which will allow them to confidently identify the prospective high-value markets for their customers. It will also allow them to communicate in a language that their customer and prospect will understand.

How is this data and knowledge delivered? We have reinvented the way intelligent, valuable, customer-centric information is communicated to your sales team. We have taken years of research on physician specialties and boiled it down into dynamic, impactful and relevant teaching modules that will enable your sales team to become healthcare specialty experts in real-time. Not only will they control their customers’ market network, they will master the knowledge they need to create more healthcare referrals and capture hidden revenue opportunities.

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