Social Media Meets Customer Management

What if LinkedIn and Salesforce Had a Baby?

Are traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM’s) tools a thing of the past?



That was fast.

That’s the world we live in today: a world of social media and heightened interconnectivity. Emerging as a “thought leader” in any industry seems impossible since markets and audiences change seemingly overnight, but when you create an entirely new approach to sales strategies, it’s easy to stand out.

According to Howard Burton, CEO and Founder of, the CRM craze of the last 10 years has produced an outcry for a more comprehensive tool. He talks about the need for technologies and strategies included under the genre “Sales Acceleration”.  These technologies do exactly what they say they do: accelerate your time and efforts into sales. Every company with a service or product wants to increase sales margins and add new sales leads. The trick now is this: how to acquire these sales in less time?  Technologies which fit into the sales acceleration category are designed to do just that.  These companies take on many different looks, for example: faster/better email platforms, lead generation tools, and role-playing tools (just to name a few).

But, the 2 keys to Burton’s article are the following:

  1. CRM tools aren’t enough. “And while customer relationship management software has done wonders in recent years in storing client data and improving collaboration, it just doesn’t do enough to influence the outcome of deals. Sales acceleration tools can bridge the gap between sales intelligence data and customer calls, by providing representatives with the right data in a useful context – during sales calls.”
  1. Keep a Competitive Edge.  “Demand for sales representatives is up, according to the Bridge Group.  And companies are recruiting less experienced sales reps as a result.” “According to data from the TAS Group, 67% of reps don’t hit their numbers.  Sure there will always be all-star sales reps and underachievers. But these days technology can help far more reps perform like A players.”

Without question, the world is changing.  As much as we may love how things have always been, it’s time to start changing to keep up with our evolving industries or get left behind. So, the question you have to ask yourself is this: “Is my healthcare sales company doing all it can for its sales reps? Are we providing tools to help far more reps perform like A players, even if historically they haven’t been?”

What is your healthcare sales company doing, outside of CRM, to make sure your sales reps have the most impactful data, in a platform your reps will actually use during sales calls – all at their fingertips? Is there a way to merge the connectivity of LinkedIn with the customer management of Salesforce?  If you are at a loss for answers, email me at and let’s talk about how ProSellus can transform your sales growth today.

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