Newly Launched “Desktop” Dashboard & Management Module for Sales Teams

ProSellus originally aimed our product at medical device sales reps, whether you were an independent rep or working for a large corporation.  Being a veteran sales rep myself, I wanted to design a product for a vastly underserved market, the actual salespeople. In our last blog we covered why sales people loathe CRMs so much, so if you need a primer on why and how ProSellus came to be, there ya go!

While planning and developing our new functions and features, we wanted to expand our audience from individuals to teams and businesses. Every salesperson should have access to a tool specifically designed for their success, don’t you think? (And quite frankly, the big box CRM’s don’t really “fit” this market…)

From the Palm of Your Hand Right to Your Desktop


The best part of our desktop version: you can access ALL of the features from our original mobile app + streamlined analytics and reporting!

While it is helpful for your average sales rep to have a powerful all-in-one tool on-the-go, integration is the name of the game in 2018. With the added capability to track your individual territory or your entire team on a desktop, you can more aggressively approach new areas with a more strategic mindset.

The move to cross-platform also informs our expansion to include the “management module” for sales teams and their leaders.

The Best of CRMs, Social Media, & Data Management

One of the biggest headaches I had as a sales rep was how many damn programs and tools I needed on a daily basis. Even as part of a team, I had to use upwards of 10 things a day to track sales, project new sales, connect with clients, etc. (It was a nightmare!)

Interestingly enough, I spoke to a large biotech company just last week that used FIVE (yes FIVE) different software tools to do the following:

1) Track interactions with customers

2) Find new customers

3) Schedule (Calendar) events

4) Record & Track Revenue

5) Have Marketing Information or Clinical Cheat Sheets available and viewable

Seriously, why would you use and pay for FIVE tools when you can do all with just ONE?

The management dashboard of our ProSellus sales enablement tool employs everything from our base model, along with several additions:

  • Network views
  • Tracking team quotas, sales forecasts, and actuals on a month-month basis every year
  • Productivity tracking
  • Custom reporting (finally!)
  • Access to data to find the right physicians at the right time
  • Organization of and access to valuable relationship information

This is just a short list off the top of my head. Custom reporting has to be one of the most exciting parts though. No need to sift through mountains of data, spreadsheets, or sales reports. You can pull it up with a few quick clicks or short swipes.

Interest in a more in-depth demo? Email and let’s talk all things medical device sales. Or we can just complain about CRMs some more…

P.S.: Coming soon (like… real soon)

  • Phone Integration… (Full utilization + Call, email, and text from the app)
  • Calendar Incorporation…
  • Actual and Scheduled Revenue including PO Management and much more…



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