Transform All Your Reps Into Sales Superstars

ProSellus Drives Better Results in Your Territory

Target the Right Physicians at the Right Time

ProSellus enables your sales reps to become more efficient and effective in the field

Conduct Filtered Searches

Find physician and facility partners by specialty, procedure volume, prescriptions written, referral relationships, and your private payer data.

Build Physician Networks

Find opportunities to connect physicians and facilities in your territory. Create your plan of action within the application.

Forecast - Track - Report

Visualize your monthly sales pipeline, record notes on sales calls, and instantly pull a variety of reports, all on the go with the ProSellus mobile application.


Physician & Facility Finder

Physician and facility search enables reps to uncover revenue opportunities within their territory using sales data.

Territory & Network Linking

After identifying key physician and facility relationships within their territory, reps can build relationship links between high value prospects that then shapes a mental map of their territory that can be tracked.


Sales Call & Activity Tracker

No more losing notes after a sales call. With ProSellus, reps can take notes on a prospect's account before, during, and after their call, ensuring no context is lost as they build their relationship with the physician or facility. ProSellus also comes provisioned with pre-generated, fully-customizable activity recording drop-down selections.

Mobile Customer Management

Reps can easily track their customer relationships in the ProSellus tool including physician/facility location, previous call notes, and follow-up tasks.


Forecast & Track Quota

Skip the hassle of manually pulling sales forecasting data. Reps can track sales numbers in real-time making monthly forecasting a breeze. Additionally, track quota, allowing them to focus on their hottest, highest priority deals, when it matters most.

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