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New lean, service based companies are popping up all the time: Uber, Air BnB, Door Dash, or even one of the dozens of dry cleaning pickup and delivery companies. What is the one thing all of these apps and companies have in common? They are connecting people. They are enhancing the way we do business by making operations more efficient and easier for everyone.

My name is Scott Walle, co-founder of ProSellus – the first ever comprehensive Medical Device Sales Acceleration Software tool designed specifically with the Sales Rep in mind.  My goal is to help my fellow Medical Device Sales Reps avoid the hundreds of hours I spent fostering positive business relationships, pouring over Google searches of various specialties, and building bridges where people thought they never needed to be built. None of it would have started if a classmate of mine from Rice University and I hadn’t attended an entrepreneurship class to develop a hypothetical company.

That’s right – this revolutionary product originated as a Business School class project.

I knew  I wanted to combine my passion for connecting people and my knack in the world of medical sales to replicate what I had done for so many years, but in a much more efficient, proficient and powerful format. My co-founder helped me conceive the idea of a software product that acts as a database of medical specialists, high-prescriber information, industry & referral relationships, as well as a management tool for your sales contacts and customers. The inspiration for such a concept was my own personal experiences working as a Sales Rep in the Medical Device industry for almost 15 years.

In trying to show compassion for my customers, I began to notice how few physicians knew of physicians working in other specialties; more importantly how they could help my customers. It occurred to me, through connecting these specialists and building stalwart business relationships, I could play an important role of connecting specialty physicians with my customers, therefore opening the door for more patients to receive ground breaking therapies they otherwise may have never received.  In order to establish this collaborative environment, I had to research the obstacles physicians faced across multiple specialties. In developing this hypothetical company, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could spare my fellow sales reps all of the hard work I put into the development of this concept?” Thus, ProSellus was born!

When we call ourselves “Sales Growth Engineers”, it isn’t a hollow title meant to stir up arbitrary hype; it’s a mission statement that means an expanded market for you, increased efficiency, and a brand new networking tool to incorporate into your marketing strategies. ProSellus: where social media and CRMs collide to produce results. For more information, check out our website or feel free to reach out to me at I’m always eager to hear the stories from Medical Device Sales Reps to see if I can augment their operations in any way possible. That’s my philosophy and the ProSellus philosophy too!

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